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I am a Software Craftsman at BigUp where I build advanced web apps with Ruby and Elixir.

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Category: Album


Locust: After The Rain

Amazing melancholic analog synth work, reminiscent of late 70s french movie scores. Heavy rotation material.


Douglas Dare: Whelm

At first, I didn't care much for the universe of Douglas Dare but his live performance at the Feeërieën was so convincing that I gave him another shot. This is actually an artfully crafted record, intimate and deeply melancholic.


Children Of The Stones: MCM

Mark Van Hoen definitely is the hardest working man in show business. Another brilliant record at the intersection of shoegaze and electronica.


The Pains of Being Pure At Heart: Days of Abandon

There's something absolutely euphoric about this record. And yet, bitterness never seems to be far away... awesome pop music!


Fatima Al Qadiri: Asiatisch

The hold music when you dial Hannibal Chew Eye World.


Beck: Morning Phase

Utterly unexpected , dreamy and borderline sadcore. Parts of this record are simply overwhelmingly beautiful.


Suzanne Vega: Tales from the Realm of the Queen of Pentacles

Artfully chiseled gems of musical poetry, beautifully arranged and interpreted by an unmistakable, one of a kind voice.


Gessafelstein: Aleph

Loud and sharp industrial textures meet the angst filled melancholy of the Detroit underground. Remarkable production.


Special Request: Soul Music

The amen returns. Solid mixture of classic hardcore jungle beats minus any sign of rave euphoria . Dark and abstract stuff.



7 Days of Funk

Snoopzilla & Dâm Funk in a exercise of style and nostalgia



Nils Frahm reaches another level. The quality of the material in this recording is outstanding