Xavier Defrang

I am a Software Craftsman at BigUp where I build advanced web apps with Ruby and Elixir.

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Category: Series


Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Season 1)

It's getting hard to stand out with a "fish out of water" story and I don't know how far they can go with it but this was very entertaining. Great writing, dumb jokes, dark humor, a great lead character and a solid supporting cast.


People Just Do Nothing

Brilliantly funny and spot on parody of the UK garage pirate radio sub culture.


Orange Is The New Black (Season 1 & 2)

Late to the party but I binge watched this one pretty hard. Most prison movie clichés are nicely avoided, great characters and good use of flashbacks to slowly build up the backstory. Can't wait for season 3.



Extant (Season 1)

The great premise quickly turned into a laughable mess, full of plot holes, clichés and terrible acting.


The Last Ship

I started watching with little expectations and got entertained. I expected the finale to blow and it took an unexpected dark dystopian turn. Now I'm excited.


Halt and Catch Fire (Season 1)

This could have been a simple mashup between Triumph Of The Nerds, Mad Men and American Psycho but with its complex characters, it goes well beyond that. Astounding job from the technical consultants.


Girls: Season 3

Dunham keeps the bar high. Every episode has been a gem.



Dream On

I'm a sucker for everything early 90s New York. A Dream On rerun was long overdue. It ain't no Seinfeld but it surely is always enjoyable.