Xavier Defrang

I am a Software Craftsman at BigUp where I build advanced web apps with Ruby and Elixir.

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Locust: After The Rain

Amazing melancholic analog synth work, reminiscent of late 70s french movie scores. Heavy rotation material.


Douglas Dare: Whelm

At first, I didn't care much for the universe of Douglas Dare but his live performance at the Feeërieën was so convincing that I gave him another shot. This is actually an artfully crafted record, intimate and deeply melancholic.


Children Of The Stones: MCM

Mark Van Hoen definitely is the hardest working man in show business. Another brilliant record at the intersection of shoegaze and electronica.


The Pains of Being Pure At Heart: Days of Abandon

There's something absolutely euphoric about this record. And yet, bitterness never seems to be far away... awesome pop music!


Fatima Al Qadiri: Asiatisch

The hold music when you dial Hannibal Chew Eye World.


Beck: Morning Phase

Utterly unexpected , dreamy and borderline sadcore. Parts of this record are simply overwhelmingly beautiful.


Pragmatic Episode 13: Safety, Safety Everywhere

Outstanding episode about personal safety in everyday life.


Suzanne Vega: Tales from the Realm of the Queen of Pentacles

Artfully chiseled gems of musical poetry, beautifully arranged and interpreted by an unmistakable, one of a kind voice.


Gessafelstein: Aleph

Loud and sharp industrial textures meet the angst filled melancholy of the Detroit underground. Remarkable production.


Special Request: Soul Music

The amen returns. Solid mixture of classic hardcore jungle beats minus any sign of rave euphoria . Dark and abstract stuff.


Face B with Bertrand Burgalat

Burgalat fills in for a couple of weeks and shares delicate playlists full of bittersweet pop and retro-futuristic oddities. Strictly for the connoisseurs.



Heart Drive: 02 Empathy Reboot

dBridge and Kid Drama deliver


How Did This Get Made?

Really enjoying Paul Scheer and his buddies chat about weird movies. Check out the Cool as Ice episodes.


Rival Dealer

Burial back at the top of his game, arguably even better than Untrue


7 Days of Funk

Snoopzilla & Dâm Funk in a exercise of style and nostalgia



Nils Frahm reaches another level. The quality of the material in this recording is outstanding


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